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More than Juwelry
That Protects and Heals

The Story about Magical Talisman

In a little village tucked into the jungle, completely unknown to the outside world, Yokul carves two hollow eye sockets into a luminous freshwater pearl. Six hours later, he places a tiny Day of the Dead skull on a blanket amongst a handful of bracelets and earrings, all featuring little skulls of their own.

If he makes a mistake, or the pearl’s natural composition causes a fracture, he has to start all over again. There’s no Etsy page for Yokul’s work. You won’t find him on Amazon or eBay, either. In fact, as recently as last year, no one even knew he existed.


Our Skulls

  • Yokul carefully inspects thousands of pearls, looking for integrity and/or weaknesses. (These aren’t just uniform pearly spheres — freshwater pearls come in many different pastel hues, with lots of variation in size and shape.)
  • Only a select few are chosen for carving. From there, Yokul allows the skull’s unique shape and personality to emerge from the contours and irregularities specific to each pearl.
  • Every single one is — and always will be — one of a kind.
  • The beauty and scarcity of these skulls place them in high demand. We will almost certainly sell out each month.
  • To view the skulls and order one for yourself, see our current collection.

Some Testimonials

Where the spirit
meets the earth
If you’re not up for a trek through the Mexican jungle,

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